L R Potato (Lady Rosetta)

Lady Rosetta (LR) potatoes is a processing variety of potatoes that is mostly used for reprocessing to make wafers or other snacks. Red skin and white flash with low sugar content and hard surface are the key features which makes it food for french fries and other snacks as well. India produces LR variety in good quantity and quality for a number of international and domestic processors. Please find specific details below.

Physical Attributes
  • Color: Red skin and white flash
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 4.5 cm+ standard industry norm.
  • Packing: 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg, Customized
  • Type: jute bags/ Leno Bags
  • Taste: Sugar free, crispy and low in starch


  • Processing companies (Wafer and snacks)
  • Restaurants & catering companies (for French fries and wafers)
  • Super Markets, Hypermarkets & Re-sellers
  • Importers, Wholesalers and retailers

Other Variety Potato

Badshah Potato , Lauvkar Potato (Adina x Sarkov) , Pukhraj Potato, Kufri Jyoti

Shipping Information

  • Container: 40 Ft HC Reefer
  • Temperature: 10 Degree C
  • Quantity: 29 MT per container max. with bags


Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) is a starchy tuber crop from the family of Solanaceae. It’s the stem of the plant and is cultivated and used worldwide from ancient times as staple food and main food in some parts. Its one of the world’s most used crop which accounts for a large part of food security for the world’s population. Every part of the world grows different varieties which ranges from different colors to different shapes with more varieties being added through cross breeding and pollination techniques. Lady Rosetta, as the name suggests is a beautiful looking breed developed through cross breeding to fulfill the demand of food processing industry with low sugar and starch levels and longer shelf life.

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