Dehydrated Red Onion Kibbled

Dehydrated Red Onions Kibbled

Size – 8 To 15 MM

Place of Origin – Gujarat – India.

Color – White

Aroma – Strong Aroma Represents, Indian Origin Products

Packing – 14 KG, Strong poly bag inside cartoon

Quality – A-grade, Commercial Grade

Min Quantity Ordered – 20 FCL 7-8 MT, 40FCL H/C 17-18 MT or as per customer requirement.

place of Origin – Gujarat – India.


Moisture Content – 6% max

Hot Water Insoluble – 20% max

Ash Content – 4% max

Acid Insoluble Ash – 0.5% max

Major Defects – 1% max

Foreign Matter – NIL


T.P.C. – <300,000/G

Coliforms – <100/G

E.Coli – NIL

Molds & Yeasts – <1000/G

Staph.Aureus – <100/G

B.Cereus – <100/G

Salmonella – NIL/25 G

Processing Method – Mature, fresh red onions are washed, trimmed, cut and dehydrated by passing Hot Air Closed Continuous System.

Organoletic Properties – Colour : Slightly off White, Taste : Typical of fresh red onions, Aroma : Typical of fresh red onion

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