Fresh Lemon

Lemons (Citrus limon) are among the world’s most popular citrus fruits.They grow on lemon trees and are a hybrid of the original citron and lime.There are many ways to enjoy lemons, but they taste very sour and are usually not eaten alone or as a whole fruit.Instead, they’re often a garnish with meals, and their juice is often used to provide a sour flavor. They are a key ingredient in lemonade.A great source of vitamin C and fiber, lemons contain many plant compounds, minerals, and essential oils.

Lemon Nutrition Facts

Specification of Green Lemon

Shelf Life20 to 25 Days
Size25mm to 30mm
ColourFull / Half Green
OriginMaharashtra, MP, Gujrat and South India
Delivery Time5 to 8 Days
PackingCorrugated Box (7 Kgs Net, 7.50 Kgs Gross Weight)
Box of 1*40 FLC3250 Boxes

Benefits of Fresh Lemon

Support Heart Health. Lemons are a good source of vitamin C.

Help Control Weight.

Prevent Kidney Stones.

Protect Against Anemia.

Reduce Cancer Risk.

Improve Digestive Health.

5 Ways Your Body Benefits from Lemon Water.

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