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The market offers a wide variety of brands of honey, with prices ranging from Rs 200/kg to Rs 2000/kg. Additionally, the honey that is being sold has the same flavor, scent, and color every time you buy it.However, depending on the region and season, honey produced by bee farms has a varied flavor and aroma. Significantly, bees make honey with a variety of tastes, aromas, viscosities, and qualities (read therapeutic), depending on the nectar, which varies depending on the place, season, and flowers nearby.
This drove us to the field of honey production and also to products like bee propolis, honeycomb, bee wax, bee pollen, bee venom, and royal jelly. Our company, 4Nactar Honey, produces honey from various regions and flowers. We and our associates have around 2500 bee hives (approximately 75 million Bees) and honey produced is only sold.

Government Lab tests every batch, and the outcomes are excellent.The product is the result of a team of technocrats who are dedicated to providing honey free of added sugar, color, flavor, and preservative.


  • Provision of Pure Honey
  • Provision of bee hives and equipment for beekeeping
  • Program for Beekeeper Education
  • Program for Farmer Training
  • Consulting for Apiculture
  • apiculture Seek assistance from farmers and the agriculture sector in pollination; engage in swarm eradication and relocation; and engage in contract farming with farmers and beekeepers.
  • White labeling (Owen Brand Labeling of our products) or private labeling
  • Packaging and Processing of Honey
  • Design and packaging of corporate gifts
  • Agreement for the Upkeep of Bee Hive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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